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7th Grade: A Christmas Carol (play) — Victorian England Guided Research WebQuest

We recently read the play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  Please visit the following websites in order to learn more about the play and the setting of A Christmas Carol.   Read and view the materials at each site and respond to the following questions:

Question 1: How does the setting of the play A Christmas Carol influence the plot? Use details from the play and from at least two sources below to explain your answer.

Question 2: How did the everyday lives of poor people differ from the lives of wealthy people during the Victorian era? Cite evidence from at least two sources below to explain your answer.

Question 3: How did Charles Dickens’ life influence his writing? Use details from the website “Charles Dickens – An Animated Biography” to support your response.

  1. The Origins of A Christmas Carol
  2. Street Life in London in the 19th Century
  3. Victorian Houses and Where Victorians Lived
  4. Inside Victorian Houses
  5. Poverty and Families in the Victorian Era
  6. A Christmas Carol Film Trailer (1938)
  7. Charles Dickens – An Animated Biography
  8. Can You Survive Victorian London?  Play this Game and Find Out!

Here’s a link to a digital copy of the play from our textbook: A Christmas Carol

Leave a comment below about one important or interesting thing you learned from reading and viewing these materials.



Videos for Fall Diagnostic Writing Assessment

Click on the appropriate video for your grade level below:

Grade 7: The Clones of Dolly

Grade 8: Renewable Energy Sources


Genius Hour Student Survey

Genius Hour is an approach to learning where students are guided by their own interests and curiosity. During Genius Hour you are encouraged to explore your own interests and develop your creativity. Please fill out the survey below to let us know what subjects you would be interested in possibly studying during Genius Hour.

Please click the link to take the: Genius Hour Student Survey